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Trust Documents

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Trust Documents

Convenient Mobile Notary Public services for Estate Planning documents, such as Living Trusts, Certificates of Trust, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Grant, and Quitclaim Deeds, Affidavits of Death, etc.

We have helped many individuals over the years, as well as Estate Planning attorneys, to facilitate important trust documents being signed. We are experienced, easy to communicate with, pay attention to details and have handled thousands of trust signings throughout the years.

Signers will need a valid photo ID and the documents that require notarization; we’ll bring everything else (except any required witnesses which you must provide). We’ll make sure everything is properly signed, dated, and notarized.

At Santa Clarita Mobile Notary we will be happy to assist you with any requests, concerns and questions you may have, and assist in providing prompt mobile notary service. Last-minute scheduling is not a problem. Please call or text 661.993.4245 if you are requesting immediate assistance. If we are unable to answer, leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Because you get to speak with us in person regarding any concerns you may have, you are assured that our notary services are more hands-on and personalized; thus, ensuring that every single detail about the request or concern is dealt with utmost attention.

Notice: We are not attorneys and therefore, by law, cannot explain or interpret the contents of any document for you, instruct on how to complete a document or direct you on the advisability of signing a particular document.  By doing so, we would be engaging in the unauthorized practice of law, and could face legal penalties.  If you are uncertain about anything, you should contact an attorney, or the individual who provided you with your document, before you see a Notary Public.  It is the client’s responsibility to complete all forms, except signatures to be notarized, prior to the arrival of the Notary.  As notaries our job is to help reduce fraud. As such, a notary may not perform any notarization during suspicious circumstances.